Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ephesus 1

And our last full day in Turkey, we visited the site of the ancient city of Ephesus--though that is misleading.  Suleyman tells us that because of the river sediment filling the harbor and moving the coast further away, there were actually 6 ancient cities here--we visited #3, which was built on command of one of Alexander's generals.  (And he forced the reluctant inhabitants of the older city to move into his magnificient new place by stopping up the drainage pipes and flooding the old part...effective, if not democratic, civic improvement.)

This was a city full of fountains, supplied by 3 aqueducts.  The nymphoria (?)--fountain/pools--served as dams in the water flow and to control distribution.  All well planned.  Here, one of the ancient water lines, still...
I'll get lost in labeling all the pictures.  There was a small amphitheater--perhaps for council meetings?

Everywhere, roads and paths made of stone--no muddy streets here!

I know we visited the Temple of Domitian, a Roman emperor.  The temple was a required stop for merchants, who would "donate" gifts.  The temple eventually became so rich it began to give loans, functioning as an early bank.
(Beth on the rocks...)

(Fred on the rocks...)

And important to sense that this wasn't just a monument or two, but a functioning, complex city...

And our own complexities.  Hmm...

Soon after we saw a relief of the goddess Nike...

With much more ahead...

more shortly,
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  1. edward Says:

    I really loved that Nike carving.

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