Monday, June 4, 2012

     Wow that was alot of really cool stuff really fast.
     I feel like I did everything I needed and wanted to do in Turkey and Greece. I am definitely going back to Turkey. I learned very much about Islam, and otherwise the culture and lifestyle of our Turkish friends. I definetly felt a true breath of fresh air from the entire trip. Visiting the Blue Mosque and the Hagia wer definetly high points of the trip for me. There was a very real sense of happiness and peace inside me and I think that many others felt the same way while we were there.
     All in all I learned very much and I want to thank all my classmates and Professor Lee, Ann and Bob and Charles also, and everyone else who participated for showing me friendship and helping me learn on this trip. I wish you all the best with sincerity.

     -Matthew Calabrese
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