Saturday, October 19, 2013


The next weekend we went to the famous Perugina Chocolate Factory in Perugia. It is home of the Bacio chocolate. We were able to tour the entire factory, learn how chocolate is made, and even were able to sample the different chocolate that they made.

This is the largest piece of chocolate made and even made the Guinness World Record Book as being the largest. When it was made for the Eurochocolate festival, the last day, it was broken up into pieces and handed out to the people at the festival. According to our tour guide, this year in Perugia, Baci will have some other interesting event.

On October 13th, my friends and I decided to go to a Perugian soccer match. We mainly went because we met one of the players who said to come to watch a match. The match was against Pisa. It was very fun and interesting going to the match because the entire time, we did not sit down. Italians are very passionate about soccer, even though the team lost. They would yell every time something happened to their players. They had chants throughout the game and we even joined in on them, once we figure out what they were saying.

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