Thursday, June 19, 2014

First Day at Uni

Today was a big day for me. Not only did I figure out that I have no idea how to use showers in the UK, I figured out how to use the bus system and made it to campus by myself, and for the first time! I navigated through this maze of a city to the busiest street and got on the correct bus at the correct bus stop, and right on time. All very important things to do when it is orientation day! And I DID NOT want to be late. I arrived at orientation right on time and went through the process of registering at the University, getting my ID, learning important safety rules, laws, and regulations, etc. After orientation I was promptly informed that I was late for a different orientation that I had no idea I was supposed to attend. Rushing around campus trying to make sure I was going to the right place I (accidentally) slam into the room where orientation had already been taking place, making for quite the entrance. Feeling obligated, I introduced myself and took a seat in the back. I didn’t pay much attention to the rest of the orientation for two reasons. 1. I was still frazzled and confused where I was and why I was there. 2. A worker brought food in. Once food was served we all mingled and I met a group of Americans! One of which was Ryan, the guy I met through facebook on the RGU study abroad page. It was nice to hear people talk like me. After our lunch we headed out to see the campus, which was amazing. Everything seemed so modern and white! The library was just a big cylinder in the sky, and the gym facilities were top notch. I was excited. It was like no other campus I had ever been on before. I wanted to take pictures SO badly, but I just met all these people, and didn’t wanted to seem like a tourist. This is my new home after all. After orientation, me and a new friend from South Korea went grocery shopping and then back home. I am completely exhausted. I never want to leave this bed. Xoxo.

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