Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Another trip in the near future

Greetings all.  Soon our group of intrepid CC explorers will be off for Costa Rica, on an unusual December trip.  We leave December 26, and return January 3, perhaps with suntans, though I'm not quite sure of December weather down there.  (Those rainforests need, well, a lot of rain...).

So, in any case, it's time for me to start hassling all those folks who didn't know they need to blog.  We'll start posting information, exciting local facts, strange youtube videos (Beth says she already has some film clip to post??), and travelers' info.

Cheryl H. asked about time zones and jet lag, so here's some pleasant news:
(Artfully borrowed from )

This lets us know that Costa Rica is on Central Time.  So flying there and back will make for a long day, but there is no time difference at all.

Some tech news:  Cougarmail is now functionally gmail, so Columbia College folks should be able to follow us, and comment, using their regular college accounts.  Some of you try this out, and make sure it works!

later, bob
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