Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

We had various celebrations,

around the hotel pool, some out for dancing, some of us walking through the happy town along the main strip, but many of us finally gathered for the main event on the beach.  There were dazzling fireworks...

along with that spot of floating light in the left corner, a burning hot air balloon, soaring off over the ocean, and more explosions all along the beach...

This was the most dramatic fireworks I've ever seen in person, partly because the ones from our part of the beach were being launched from 15 foot away, straight up, and we could feel bits of ash and paper rain down on us.  Well, us, and the several thousand people there on the beach.

It took awhile, but they finally got our bonfire going...

and we met up with the dance-crowd...

and eventually back to the hotel (50' away) for a relaxing wind down.  A good start for the new year.

later, bob
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