Sunday, July 1, 2012

Temple of Poseidon

Alas, I skipped this...After the morning visit to the Parthenon, the afternoon/dinner took us a bit out of Athens, to see the Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion.  [I was especially glad to see this, since on our last trip to Athens, I spent the whole day looking for a Xerox machine, which, strangely,was easier to find in a village in Fiji than in downtown Athens.]

Legends say that this is where Aegeus plunged into the sea, thinking his son Theseus had been killed by the minotaur--thus, the Aegean Sea.

And this place was mentioned by Homer, as well.

What I didn't find, since we can't these days clamor over all the ancient stone, is the place where Lord Byron scribbled a bit of graffiti on one of the stones.  I guess that is better than taking the whole temple back to London or Berlin.  And Byron is considered a national hero in Greece, for his role in their war of independence from the Ottomans (the Turks, that other place we just visited). [I kind of like the Byron-as-vampire tales--even used one such novel in a class.]

And then back to the harbor, for a nice, sunset dinner...

[and best, I found a cup of real coffee, at least a cappucino, across the street, so I could think enough to start writing the @#$$+!! play.]
later, bob
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  1. JanetteSpencer Says:

    These are wonderful, but that about the vampires??! Okay then, got to get my holy water out!!(smile). Again, thanks Dr. Boon. Can't wait to see you.....,

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