Tuesday, April 22, 2014

One month until we're in Berlin!

Tour Of Central Europe - One Month Until Departure!

Hi! My name is Brooke Leisinger and I'm a senior undergraduate history major (and women's studies minor) at Columbia College. 

Like Melissa, I'm also traveling to Eastern Europe in just under a month as part of the History of the Holocaust class and tour. We're almost done with the semester, and the sheer amount of things of learned about the places we'll be visiting (Berlin, Prague, Krakow, and Budapest) makes me both excited and a little nervous! This is also my first adventure outside of the United States and as I'm on my senior year I am incredibly thrilled to have been given the opportunity. 

The beautiful city of Krakow, Poland!
As part of the course attached to the trip, we each are responsible for researching one of the cities we will be visiting and sharing how that city has memorialized the Holocaust. I have Krakow, and will upload what I find out about it before we depart so everyone is a little more familiar with what we're hoping to see while over there!

I can't wait!

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  1. Robert Says:

    Ah, I'm maybe most excited about visiting Krakow--I've never been to Poland. Would be much interested in what you know about the city. Even thinking I should go downtown and try out the Cafe Poland, so I'll know a bit more about the food. :)

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