Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Leaving America

Wow! I'm on my first flight out! Though I don't start my classes in Paris for about another month, I've decided to head out early and make a few stops before the coursework begins. I'll be with family and friends in Croatia for three weeks (with a four day trip in Prague somewhere in there) and one week with friends in Italy.

Every time I sit in an airport I can't help but take a look around and observe the many bodies around me. Almost everyone is on their phones (which is to be expected), but that's pretty much the only thing that's similar among everyone I'm looking at. Other than that, there are so many different races, ages, and reasons for travel. Surely not everyone is off to Europe for summer vacation and study abroad...there's something special about occupying the same space for a number of hours and then dispersing to our own individual journeys. Hopefully this moment in time can serve to meet someone cool and interesting. 

I sit here at my gate and can't help but also notice what books are being read around me. There are a few 50 Shades of Grey covers, one The Help, and a number of magazines. All this reading makes me think of the quote that says something like "...the world is a book and those who do not travel only read one page" and that's so incredibly true. There's so much to be learned about humanity (both others and one's self) through travel. There are questions that finally have the space and time to be asked. If engaged with and answered, you walk away and back to your home with a deeper understanding about yourself. It's weird. And so cool. 

I've been preparing the space for that to happen with me this summer...consciously moving some thoughts to the side to save for later. I have an empty journal ready to be used and I can't wait for my mind to have the energy to cover these things. It's gonna be great!

So long for now...I'll be blogging every once in a while and look forward to checking in with you! 
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