Sunday, June 19, 2016


              My favorite place we visited while in Scotland had to be Edinburgh. We did a bus
tour of the city on the first full day there and visited Calton hill along with some other sites. Then the next day we were able to walk around the Royal mile. We had the whole day until we had to meet for dinner to go and explore on our own. Some of the things we went to go and see are: The National museum of Scotland, the Elephant house (where J. K. Rowling wrote Harry Potter), the street that inspired Diagon Alley in the Harry Potter movies/books, the library which had a neat exhibit on the plague, and we got to watch a really funny street performer before we headed to dinner.
    I think the street performer had to be one of the best parts of that free day we had in Edinburgh. He said he was a magician, but he was more of a comedian that did some magic tricks. I have never seen a street performer before like this and he was really great at getting the crowd involved along with making us laugh. He did tell us his information right before the show ended and I wish I had written it down, but I didn’t and I cannot remember anything he said otherwise I would leave a link below.
              Other than Edinburgh we were able to see a lot of the country side in Scotland mainly the Highlands. One really interesting thing we did was go to the Loch Ness monster museum where we learned about all the claims of people seeing the Loch Ness monster and then explaining why there really is not a monster in the lake. A fun fact I learned was that Loch means lake I had not known that before. If you have not been to Scotland before the country side of Scotland looks very similar to Colorado just a lot greener and it rains a lot more in Scotland.  I think this is why I really enjoyed Edinburgh and England as much as I did, but I really enjoyed every aspect of my trip just some more than others.
            Some advice for those who have not been abroad or been to Scotland before is that their accents are really hard to understand. I did not have any problem with English accents at all, but Scottish accents, depending on the person, are really thick and they kind of mumble and mush their words together when they are talking. So just know if you go to Scotland you aren’t the only one who has problems understanding their accents.
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  1. Robert Says:

    Yes, I have trouble with the dialect a bit on my first trip to Scotland, but it seemed fine this time. // I liked the little pub where we had lunch in Edinburgh. A strange little basement room off the main street.

  2. Lee Says:

    I was surprised at just how big Loch Ness is. It seemed to go on forever. So beautiful. I've been inspecting my photos for a nessie photo bomb (just in case).

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