Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Scotland Study Abroad Semester Fall 2016

My semester study abroad experience was one of the most memorable and rewarding. This was the perfect opportunity to not only learn about a different country and culture, but also learn a lot about myself as an individual.

I studied at a business school, Robert Gordon University, in Aberdeen, Scotland. The school itself was very diverse and had students from all over Europe, which allowed me to learn about cultures beyond Scotland. I got to know some very great instructors and some of them still email me to ask how I am and how my studies are going.

Although study abroad sounds mostly academic, it was much more than that and taught me lessons that I would have not been able to learn in a classroom. I learned that getting out of my comfort zone can be rewarding and allows me to expand my worldview.

I got to see many beautiful places and meet wonderful people. The first thing I noticed about Scotland was the fresh air and no bugs. It was so great not seeing a spider in my room for three months! Scotland has some of the most gorgeous landscapes that I got to enjoy.


The best and most important part of my experience was the friendships that I created while being abroad. I made friends with people from different countries that shared their culture, cuisine, celebrations, and traditions with me. Even though I come from an international background, I quickly saw how little of the world I know and how amazing it is being exposed to a different environment and learn about different people. This experience allowed to me to be more open towards people and left me with lifelong memories that shaped me as an individual. 
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