Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Sammi from Italy

Ciao from Italy! Hi all I am Sammi Macht at forensic science and chemistry going into my third year at CC. I am just finishing up my second day in Italy and wow Florence is a beautiful city. I have been amazed at the fast past of the Italians here. Cars and motorcycles fly by on narrow streets and so many people are walking. Florence is a walking city everything is within walking distance that is if you are will to walk for fifty minutes. Tonight I had my first sit down Italian meal and man was is good. I tell you they just keep coming course after course of delicious food. Bread, pastrami, salami, and more meats and that was only round one. Next was a slice of the most amazing Lasagna  and then we topped it off with two rounds of pasta. What a great introduction to Italia food. We'll I am off for the night. Till the next post  have fun and be safe.
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