Friday, December 30, 2011

Ara Ambigua

After La Selva (12-28), we stopped in our long drive back to La Fortuna for lunch at the Ara Ambigua Lodge (a place I wish we had stayed at, instead of that disaster of a hotel in La Fortuna) .  We ate in the long, open-air gallery.  Again, a fairly typical Costa Rican meal, though this time with fish instead of chicken or beer.

The old hotel poodle wandered by just outside the railing, trying that cute thing, looking for handouts.  Most astonishing, though, I actually spotted birds!  Perhaps not a major achievement, since they were 5 foot away, just above the poodle path, and neon-bright.  This blue honey-creeper...

and dazzling little bit of feathers, several of some kind of tanager...

And then back on the bus, hours to go...
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