Friday, December 23, 2011

Greetings from Panama

So, still waiting for you all to show up on Monday.  Suffering along in Panama.  I've done a city tour (with the Canal) and farther out to a village in an extinct volcano.  And I already have a favorite neighborhood bar (and my choice of cerveza is Balboa).

Meanwhile, I'm doing everything wrong, per the guidebooks:
  • I drink the tap water at my hotel
  • I've had two meals in a tin 'street shack' down the road, where they wash dishes in a big stainless steel bowl of gray water
  • I had a scraped-ice treat from a street vender yesterday
  • I ate unwashed grapes today
  • I had a papaya 'milkshake' and ice water at a little village cafe
But I seem to be surviving.  South of Florida is still a human environment.  And Panama City is, after all, the second largest financial hub in the New World, after NYC.  I suspect they have doctors here, if I need that:

later, bob
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