Wednesday, December 28, 2011

On the Road Again

12-27 and more and more time on the bus…headed toward our second hotel at La Fortuna.
We met some fellow travelers:
Saw more green countryside and nurseries:
A country church:
And then we got to the little switchback roads in the mountains.  At one slow point, there were a couple white-faced coatimundi--a little like raccoons crossed with cats, but, well, something else.  Lots of photos while we waited on a bus ahead of us to make the turn at what is called Devil’s Elbow:
It's hard to really picture how 'interesting' this highway is.  Here's a couple views of the road:
This doesn't quite show that half-mile gorge just over the edge.  But we made it just fine.  Along the way, we found various wildlife--at least Erick would spot birds, everyone else would be dazzled, but I pretty much never can spot the birds.  I did see the "laughing falcon" perched by himself on a tall dead bare tree, but got only a very blurry photo.  And I could see this toucan, color-coded for the bird-challenged:
 And I can spot the 3-foot iguanas curled up in this tree or that (this at a car-stop that uses the iguanas to draw folks in for ice cream and souvenirs):
later, bob
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