Thursday, May 23, 2013

Flying south in the morning

The problem with winning the "rat race" is your still a rat! 

I am content with retiring from the "race" this summer; that started last week in Colorado! What what! 9,500 ft above sea level in the heart of Rocky Mountains. So, I came back to work for 3days and got my feet wet in the trivial stresses of the day in the life and I'm gone once again. Yes, it does feel good to be me. You know you're traveling well when you feel layered contempt from every person at work. Muhahahaa. Have fun guys!

The packing begins.....

Noooooo, I am not taking the cat. And yes my Mom bought the first aid kit. 

I'll arrive at Hancock Airport early 4am and hopefully join a coupe fellow travelers; miss Donna and Lisa.

Excited to meet great people and welcome new experience. 
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  1. Robert Says:

    Amazing as it is (I amaze myself), I'm already packed! It's way before midnight, and it's all just about done. Having a last beer here at the Berg, then home to run the dogs around one more time.

    But I still won't be cheerful before noon, in any country...


  2. Okay Lisa and Donna! Roundddd 2 at Hancock Airport!!

  3. I think you can get cheerful before noon. We just have to feed you large amounts of coffee.

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