Thursday, May 9, 2013

Maya Cosmos Madness!

My head is spinning trying to comprehend the myriad beliefs held by the Maya! Just get me to Belize already! I am currently studying Maya Cosmos: Art and Architecture in lieu of this trip. I am excited to see how I can apply some of the things learned in this class on the trip. Hopefully Professor Stanton speaks Spanish! Rosseta stone anyone?!?

I'll try and be on good behavior....I hear sacrificing is a common thing down there:/
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  1. Kelli Chit Says:

    Scott! I knew this was you before I saw the name tag. Yo hablo un poco espanol... atleast enough to get the point accross.
    Have you found the facebook page? I can't find it. I would be more likely to follow it.

  2. Your sticking with me to translate!

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