Sunday, October 21, 2018


We went to Kobe as a class trip to learn more about SDGs, sustainable growth development. It was an interesting and informative presentation. Japan is doing quite a bit to achieve the goals, and they're ranked 15 out of 156 currently. They've accomplished the goal of quality education. America ranks 35, and hasn't accomplished any of the goals. Here is the website to check it out for anyone who's curious; There was also a room with artifacts from all over the world that we could touch. It was my inner child's dream.

After the presentation, we had a bit of free time to explore. Kobe is a port city, so we were right on the waterfront. The architecture is quite interesting, having a mix between very modern buildings, but having some traditional style as well. Very beautiful. We wandered the mall for a bit, which was also neat because it was partially indoors and partially outdoors.

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  1. Great pictures and interesting website - glad you attached it

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