Thursday, May 26, 2011

From my arrival in France, I have been trying to get on the travel blog. I first had to find a computer, the hotel had a wonderful computer in the lobby. Overjoyed, I followed all instructions given and went to I began typing only to see something other than what I wrote. The keyboard was very different, I would have to use the hunt and peck method of typing. I pecked in my username and password. Invalid. Taking a closer look, I discovered that it was google.fra and widened my search to google USA. Got it, great. I filled in the needed information (very pleased with myself). Invalid username or password. If you are getting the idea that computers are not my friends, your right. My usual response to problems with mine is to call my son and make him fix it. How to get in touch with my son (wait for it) by computer. We are going to skip to the end (well not the end, more like the middle) of this very long story, the beautiful and wonderful Ann had a solution to my problem- She has a computer!
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