Thursday, May 26, 2011

Lunch in Monte Carlo

The rest of our time in Monaco, the group scattered, to our various delights and designs.  My splinter group wandered down into the streets of Monte Carlo, looking for both the casino and lunch.  The streets are typical Mediterranean, packed apartments, balconies, flowers, open spaces for markets, and here, paths down to the yacht harbor.  Pleasant.  Expensive.
The other event just over the horizon is the Grand Prix.  We were a week--and several thousand dollars--off.  They are even now putting up the stands and walling off the track.  Meanwhile, people driving the "track" are exceptionally polite--they still stop for pedastrians.

With a bit of walking along the harbor, we did find the casino, though I was seriously underdressed to even attempt to step inside, having left my James Bond apparel, oh, elsewhere.


We did then decide on lunch, me, Willy, Ann, Beth and Jim.  The prosecco was just right, but Ann didn't care for her smoked swordfish, something about the texture. 
I was quite happy with my Salade Landaise, a pithy salad with smoked duck strips and a square of duck pate.

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