Thursday, May 26, 2011

La Parfumerie Fragonard

Next on our excursion [Friday, May 20], we arrived at the perfume factory in Eze, La Parfumerie Fragonard.  According to their brochure, they have been producing perfumes, using traditional methods, since 1926.  A guide from the factory led us through, and told us the process and history of fine perfumes.
We learned about the training of "Noses," the experts who can distinguish the subtleties of a 1000 scents--3 years of schooling and 7 years apprenticeship--and that they can only work 2 hours/day, because of olfactory exhaustion.  Barbara seems ready to sign up, and move to France.


And of course, they offered us the chance to buy their products.  Seemed a good time for all--though Jim E. was more interested in the red Ferrari in the parking lot.

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