Tuesday, May 24, 2011


After Napolean's Tomb, the group split--some to try to get into the nearby Rodin Museum, and me with 11 others to walk to the Grand Palais for an art installation.

But why serendipity, you ask (and why do English teachers keep using big words?)?  Well, doing my 4 triple loads of laundry Sunday before we left, bored, I glanced through the Columbia Daily Tribune, our friendly local paper, and found a whole page article on an art exhibit, daring, profound, shaking up all of Paris.  And decided that that page needed to get ripped out, folded, and travel in my cargo pants to Paris, where it guided us to the Grand Palais, and the exhibit, Leviathan, by Anish Kapoor.
And so, off we went, across the bridge, Alexander III, stopping to photo the clusters of locks, which from Venice we recognized as the modern folk custom of lovers who pledge themselves to each other with a mild act of vandalism.

A short line, 5 euros each (really cheap for anything in Paris), and we enter Leviathan...
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