Sunday, July 27, 2014

Back home again!

We finished up at Oxford and flew home Wednesday, however there is still much that I would like to share. The internet connection was not the greatest where we were staying at so I would like to finish up with the museums even though I am back in the States. Also the last couple of days have given me time to reflect somewhat on the trip itself. The experience was unlike anything else that I have had in my lifetime. There were a few bumps along the three week stay but all in all I would recommend the program. One thing that I think needs to be made clear to students who might be considering this opportunity is that it is not like the classroom experience that we are use to here in the United States. The experience is emphasizes over the classroom setting. The Oxford method of teaching is to have the student critically think for themselves. Teachers present students with ideas or material to read and reflect on. A one on one experience in which teacher and student exchange ideas and the teacher guides the students critical thinking skills is what fuels the academic experience at Oxford. Having said all that I think that it is what you make of the experience and let it enhance your view of the world that brings the real value to the program. If anyone is considering a study aboard program and would like more information feel free to contact me. This week I will be sharing the Museum of the History of Science so until then cheers!
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