Sunday, July 20, 2014

Well we only have a few days left in England. I cannot believe how fast the trip has gone by; the time has gotten away from me. We have seen so many things, and have had very busy days. Days exploring London, where I found I was pretty good at navigating myself around the city by bus, subway (the tube), or walking. It is a good feeling being able to take on a city such as London, and the experience has made me much more confident about traveling in the future. I have seen the things you are supposed to see, the London eye, Big Ben, Tower Bridge (often mistaken as London Bridge which in no way lives up to its name) and the Tower of London. We have visited Parliament, Westminster abbey, and taken tours all around the city to see the view. Some of my favorite experiences in London however have been with my psychology class. We have gone to Freud and Darwin’s homes, which to a psychology major is definitely something to see. Professor Higgs took us to some beautiful parks to wind down, explore, and see amazing views of the city of London. I have also very much enjoyed the more laid back days, visiting Windsor castle, and drinking wine lakeside in the beautiful gardens of Blenheim palace. I have learned a lot about the culture and the people in England, there is no doubt I will come back again at some point in my life. Being able to study at such a prestigious school, in a place with so much history has been a great privilege. Tomorrow is our trip to Bath, to see the ancient Roman side of England, and although I am very disappointed about Stonehenge being cancelled, I am still looking forward to this step back into time. I have met some amazing people on this trip, and have made some memories I will cherish. Pictures are to come! Until next time, Sara.  
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