Tuesday, July 8, 2014

First Day!

I was awoken much earlier that I would have preferred this morning. The seagulls here are much noisier than any other bird I have ever witnessed. Anyways, I woke up and cooked myself some breakfast and was out the door headed towards the bus stop. On my way I ran into Jina and we went to school together. I made it to campus much earlier than I meant to so I used the time to walk around and get my bearings. The buildings all stretch across the banks of the river Dun so the campus provides a pretty beautiful scenery. After about an hour it was time to go to class. Business Information Systems. The class itself got out almost an hour early, which was nice, however I don’t feel like a got a good grasp as to what we will be learning and how the semester will go. I think the lecturer was too sleepy haha.
Later on that evening I finally met all my flatmates. Two Scottish girls, one Irish girl, one Finnish girl, and one French girl. Some how I was lucky enough to have a flat with all girls!   They all seem very sweet.
I ended my evening by attending an Irish dancing class with my Irish flatmate! Don’t worry, it is just as hard as it looks. Xoxo

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