Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Making Friends!

I have been starting to take advantage of all the work out classes at Uni. They are so fun and have been a great way to make new friends! I have taken a zumba class, body pump class, and yoga and so far have made friends in each one. Today I decided to be adventurous with my grocery shopping and bought a few different things. For example, for dinner tonight I had duck sushi and dates. Both were AMAZING. They serve a lot of duck here so it has been fun trying more of that. Anyways, I am going out with a few French Erasmus students tonight, and then meeting up with a few Americans at the RGU Student Center (apparently it is a bar/club but only for RGU students) which I think should be fun. So far I am loving it here. Everyday feels like a new adventure. I have learned that I am more independent than I thought. I like doing things on my own and putting myself out of my comfort zone. It's been amazing.
Well time to go, meeting with a few of the guys to go explore old Aberdeen! Xoxo

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