Friday, May 21, 2010

Leaving on a jet plane...

For most of the CC travelers it took 2 plane rides to get to our beautiful destination of Spain. We arrived at the STL airport about 10 o'clock on Wednesday morning ready to take off. We took a flight to Newark NJ and had about a 3 hour layover before we got to depart on our 7ish hour flight to Barcelona. The first plane ride wasn’t too bad and the layover was surprisingly fun. We sat around and talked getting to know some of the fellow members of our group and listened to presentation that both Abby and I had to give for our class with Ann. Abby's presentation was on artist of Spain and little did she know that in the days to come she would have to put that knowledge to use (more to come on that later) and mine of course was on blogging. We got back to the gait right on time to take off. We sat on the runway for a long time waiting to taxi out ... when we finally got air born a baby started crying and needless to say that lasted the entire trip. With NO sleep and no movie screens to watch the flight seemed like it took FOREVER! However it really wasn’t that bad... We finally made it to Barcelona, got all of our luggage (it all arrived!) and was off to meet Liz our tour guide. She's from Britain and lives in Madrid the next city that we are going to be visiting and well she’s great! We all loaded the bus and heads to our first hotel... the beds are small and like rocks but we will get use to them, sooner or later.

As for sell checking this the first time ... it all turned yellow! It then came to me, I am logged on through a Spanish internet connection, of course it is!

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