Monday, May 10, 2010

Tour update from Liz

Hi Ann,
How are things going?You are lucky as the San Isidro fiestas start in Madrid in May, they are presenting today the calender of bullfights for the festival, but it looks like that while you are here there will be bull fights on and this festival is the most important for Madrid's bullring so if anyone wants to go it will be have to be in Madrid. There are no bullfights while we are in Barcelona or in Seville (they have already had their big fiesta).The football season is coming to an end and as there is the World Cup in June all teams are having a break to train for those matches, and looking on line you are too late for any games, unless there is a friendly match which will be posted nearer the time, but the season seems to finish on 16th May.

A spanish film is certainly possible in Madrid or Barcelona, just to warn you that the films are in Spanish with no English subtitles so the students need to have a certain level to understand them. I know your students are over 18 years old, but just to warn you that Spanish films very often have a lot of sex, nudity, swearing, and maybe drug-taking, more so than in American films! The films are changed every Friday so once you arrive we can see what films are showing, the cinema here costs between 6-9Euros depending on the cinema and time.

Nightlife is good in Madrid, I still don't know what hotel we are staying in in Madrid but I imagine it will be the centre so that's easy to manage. In Lisbon there are lots of very nice bars and places with African, Brazilian music, but we have the Fado show on the last night. In fact everywhere in Spain there are nice areas with lots of bars to go to and if the weather is good they have tables outside so is really nice to hang out in.

Robert contacted me about visiting an organisation about human traffiking, I'll see what I can do but as you know the programme is quite full.

Do you have questions about the pre-departure? Is everybody sorted out with banks, cards, money etc? Some hotels have Wifi so if they have laptop, itouch etc they can connect in wifi hotspots.

I'm sure you have already talked to everyone about security, but just to repeat, pickpockets come out in the summertime and love to deprive people of their belongings so we must always be careful when carrying money, documents and valuable things. I recommend having a small daybag to carry camera, water, money etc not a huge backpack as this only attracts pickpockets.

I think that's it for the moment.

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