Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Trip tips from Ann

More from Ann, though I can't get her to post stuff on her own !#**!

Weather: The weather in the Spain will range from the mid-fifties to the mid-seventies. The warmest it will be is in Seville . In Seville it may reach the low eighties.

Clothing: Liz Mitchell, our tour guide, has suggested you pack layers such as jackets and sweaters that you can put on remove throughout the day as you need. You should also bring shoes that are good for walking as we will be doing a lot of that.

Luggage: You need to pack light! I cannot emphasize that enough. We only have a limited amount of space in the cargo holds of the bus we will be traveling in and you often have to carry even your big rolling suitcase, so be sure you can do that! There are weight limits as well on the airlines. If you go over the weight limit, you have to pay. You may check one bag on Continental Airlines. Maximum weight is 50 pounds. Dimensions width + height + depth = 62 inches. Information about carry-on luggage can be found at this link:

Packing Tips: My mom taught me to iron my clothes first and then roll them up tightly instead of fold them and lay them flat. That is a hint from Ann’s Momma Joyce. Take it or leave it. Not only do they take up less space but they are less wrinkled. ;) [Wrinkles are our friends--at least on our clothes, not our faces...bob]

Another hint from Momma Joyce is to take more shirts than pants and then you can look like you are wearing a new outfit because more people look at your face than your bottom. ;) [though we will have a photo contest, the 10 best shots of Ann's bottom]

Bring a few nice outfits for our nice dinners. Nice… not too fancy. (Sundresses for the ladies and nice shirts for the fellas.) [I think t-shirts cover about any situation. T-shirt, cargo pants, tennis shoes...bob]

Guys, you should bring some pants (or pants that zip into shorts) for times we visit churches to show respect. Gals, you should bring a sweater or a shawl to cover your shoulders when we are entering churches for the same reason.

You may want to bring that EF backpack empty in your suitcase (or another foldable bag) to bring home your souvenirs… you always end up with more stuff than what you started with. [and several plastic grocery sacks, for wet shoes, wet suits, to triple-wrap that bottle of wine that will break in your suitcase on the way back. Or that huge bottle of olive oil that got crushed in one woman's suitcase on the way back from Greece. Fragrant, not fun....bob]

There may be a chance to swim, so bring your swimming suit… if you would like.

And of course bring sunscreen and a hat if you are pale skinned like me. [Ann at the beach.]
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