Thursday, May 26, 2011

On the Move

Thursday, the 19th--we all managed to arrive back at our hotel in Montmartre, do our last minute shopping (for me, food for the train and a last crepe in Paris), drag suitcases down to the bus, and off!

We were, in fact, so organized, and had so little traffic, we had a couple hours to wait at the train station.
I've still never ridden a train in the U.S. [but hope maybe can do a train-travel class sometime with Amy D. or Tonya C.], but I really like trains in Europe, especially these bullet trains.  I think Paula took some pics of our train--sleek, clean, protected from graffiti.  So much better than planes--wide seats, easy to walk around, no hassle with luggage, and some scenery.

East-central France, flashing by outside--low rolling hills, scattered trees, a rainbow in the irrigation spray, farmhouses.  Almost a postcard, almost Missouri.

But not quite Missouri somehow.  A different green, the details of agriculture, and not the regularity of land long-ago divided in sections, the abscense of billboards, ah, and then mountains in the background.  And soon, in Aix, we glimpse the Mediterranean, and arrive in Nice soon after.

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