Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Arena in Nimes

Liz distinguished the Arena in Nimes from the older Greek theaters, which would have been used for more ‘cultivated’ entertainment. This Arena—Roman amphitheater—was used for gladiator fights, and is still used today, for both bullfights and concerts. Willy says he has a blu-ray of a recent concert here, but I can’t remember who he said it was. In any case, there are still the same stone tunnels that would have led Romans to their seats—


as well as small museums in the bottom part on bullfighting and the gladiator sports:
[might have a video of a hologram-gladiator fight from there, but I’ll have to think a bit about the technology, or actually read the instructions :( ]

The stadium, still used, is much filled with both the backboards used to hop away from a charging bull, and metallic bleachers. Purists will have to imagine those away, but I’m rather impressed that new uses are still found for this ancient structure. I guess we have the MU football stadium, but it would be nice to build a stone structure like this in Columbia. Maybe for Columbia College’s new soccer field? Here are some inside views:



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