Saturday, June 11, 2011

Midnight in Paris

Tonight, avoided studying my GIS, and went to see Midnight in Paris at Ragtag Cinema.  Exactly what I needed to see, two weeks after our return.
I recognized most of the iconic buildings in the opening montage, remembered bridges we had crossed, a stroll along the Seine, the halls of Versailles, the Louvre pyramid.  All that.  Very nice. (see the official trailer)

And, the pleasure of recognizing those iconic artists and writers who have been part of the magic of Paris.  Ah, you all should have taken my 'Hemingway's Paris' class.  A moveable feast, indeed.

I didn't even hate Owen Wilson, as I usually do, and even the sometimes harsh Rotten Tomato audiences gave Midnight in Paris a 92%.

But I need to leave Columbia.

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