Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lunch in Nimes

I think everyone enjoyed the Arena, but it was out-of-season hot, so before too long we all wandered off for lunch.  Willy and I wandered around, but wound up at a cafe right across from the Arena. I'd figured out how to order our one carafe of water (though that never really gets re-filled), and tried another Kir, a white wine and cassis appertif.  Not the best one I've had.  I kept trying for several more cities.

Food--Willy had a salad and a good pasta, covered with thin wedges of parmesan:
and I had the abergine rotie (cold, roasted eggplant)
with boeuf carpaccio (slivered raw beef):

Willy, and the table near us, Tonya and Kimberly, I think, were good about trying my beef, but nobody asked for seconds.  I thought it was great.
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