Friday, June 10, 2011

A Day in Biarritz

Tuesday, May 24, our free day in Biarritz!

About half the group decided to go on an outing to San Sebastian, Spain, so they were up early, with their passports, and headed south on the bus, where they reportedly had a great day shopping.  Me, I slept in, caught up on blogging, then walked along the coast with David and Willy, watching the surfers, some active...
some not so much...
We did see the 9 advertised surfer-schools, which were 9 tents down on the beach, all in a row.  Then we found some 100+ stairs, leading up to the town itself, and of course, we never pass up climbing stairs.  But a nice view down along the beach.
The town itself was quiet, full of nice apartments, cafes, flower shops, and now and then a strange moment (note the gargoyle in the center).
Later, we hunted for supper.  We started out with Paula and Sam, but the cafes in the main square were too pricey, so we split off.  I wound up having a hot dog, "un hot dog royale," with a Pepsi.  A nice change from the elaborate meals, though odd with the big loaf of French bread it came in.  Oh, just "bread," I guess.
Toward dusk, we walked around to more of the coast I'd missed while plugged into my laptop earlier.  Away from the surfers' beach, there's the yacht harbor, and all the rocky out-thrusts which do such strange things to the current (at "our" small beach, nearest our hotel, the waves crash in along one stoney wall and swirl almost in a circle across the sand).
On one farther stone jut, there's a statue of the Virgin Mary, looking out to sea.
and Ann and Sherrie...
We stayed there til sunset, while others, back from Spain, had their own wild times on the beach--ask Patti--while Jaci became a mermaid (need to get that photo from Katie!).

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