Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dinner in Paris

Before the Louvre, everyone had scattered to search for lunch, in the southern district near our hotel.  David, Willy and I popped into a Lebanese restaurant, and had a great meal, though I guess my camera was on one of its dead zones, and so no picture.  Willy confidently announced to the group later that this was the best Lebanese restaurant he'd ever been to in Paris.  (They brought olives and the thin fried bread while we waited for food, were glad to get me a Kir Royal, and were even nice about bringing carafes of water!)

After the Louvre, the whole group was scattered throughout the city, some still at the Louvre, others at the Impressionist Museum, others shopping, or wandering the streets.  Sherrie, Willy, Kim and I got back to our hotel (a long way south on the Metro).  We went in search of dinner, and found a lot of places closing.  I couldn't wait, and bought a couple pastries from a bakery run by a nice Chinese couple.  The wrapping itself was worth a photo...
and one of the pastries was my main lunch for the traumatic 'morrow.  Dinner itself was various pizza, pasta, whatever, but Kim finally got to try snails, on her last free dinner in Paris.
They were swell.

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