Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lavender Girl, and "The Most Beautiful Village in France"

After we checked into our hotel in Avignon, back on the road, this time to visit the official Lavender Museum. Our bus pulled up in the parking lot, and from the moment the doors opened, there was no doubt where we were. Moreso, when we stepped inside—over-powering lavender!

Our pert museum guide chatted us some of the history of lavender production, some of the limits—true, fine lavender can only grow above 800 meters altitude and has only one tiny bloom. It takes acres of this flower to make much scent or essence.
Below, folks grow lavande, which has multiply flowers, and produces a great deal more scent, though the refined lavender connoisseurs consider that fit only for industrial uses (a less judgmental site) And then a film on the production techniques. Like perfume production at Fragonard, it’s amazing the sheer bulk of flowers that have to be harvested even to make a bit of very scented soap.

After the film, of course the sales opportunity. Drops of lavender scent applied as we entered the showroom. Some lavender muscle-cream, which they told me to rub on my neck. Lavender hand-cream, after which I bolted to find a men’s room and wash the awful goo away. A good time, I guess, though the bus smelled very sweet the rest of the night.

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