Monday, June 16, 2014

And I Have I in France?

Well I made it through my last flight and customs into Scotland! Immigration wasn’t too easy though. There are two lines for getting through immigration. The first line is for European travelers, and the second line is for others. I of course go to the line for others. The line I was in consisted of about 8 people, while the European line consisted of about 50. So naturally you would think I would get through before many of them. False. By the time I had been properly checked in, not only was the like for non-Europeans empty, but all the European travelers had also made it through. This means that there were three immigration agents, five security guards, two luggage claim workers, all staring at little ole me, waiting for me to get through immigration, collect my things, and walk out. Which I eventually did with the entourage following close behind. An ambassador from RGU was there to greet me, but they seemed pretty frustrated that it took so long for me to get through immigration. None the less we hopped into a cab and made our way to the flats. The accents are already proving to be more difficult to understand that I had presumed. We made it to the flats, I hauled 4 months worth of clothing, shoes, etc. up four flights of stairs and moved in. And soon enough the girl from the airport was moving in right behind me. Her name was Mathilda! She was very sweet, her English needed some help, but we made it work anyways. She came to RGU with two other girls from France who all invited me to go out to lunch together. The little cafe “Costa” served a great “Welcome to Aberdeen” meal to us as the conversation between us four flew back and forth from English to French. I was less of a contributor and more of an observer. The rest of the day was spent exploring city centre where I found that French are incredibly horrible at reading maps. Eventually we got back home and me and Mathilda met our next two roommates who are also both very nice. We all hung out in the common area for awhile before I headed to my bed. My bare, pillow-less, blanket-less, comforter-less, bed. Xoxo

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