Monday, June 2, 2014

Sienna, Positano, Capri, Pompeii, Mt Vesuvius


It has been a crazy and absolutely amazing two weeks in Italy. Florence is an incredibly fast pace and busy city filled to the brim with most of the worlds greatest art. Learning the stories behind these masterpieces has been fantastic but my favorite part of the trip has got to be escaping the rush if the city and exploring the rest of the country. Last week we spent a day in the mideval hill town of Sienna a beautiful city built on three hills that holds its hisory as a badge of honor. The views from above the city are breathtaking but I will let you be the judge.

After the amazing day in Sienna we spend a few days back in classrooms in Florence before heading out to the Amalfi Coast. Day one was spent on the island of Capri an very beautiful place with everything being expensive. While there we took a boat ride around the island and unfortunately due to bad weather were unable to go into the blue gratto but the trip was worth the views.

The following day was a relaxing recuperating day at the beach in Positano. There we hit the beach laying in the sun and ordering a delicious pizza and granita beachside. We finished off the dreamy weekend with a visit to Pompeii. I was pleasantly surprised by the history of this ancient city. Of course I knew the background of it getting buried by rock an ash when the volcano erupted but I never looked into the cities actually history. If you have not either then I recommend a gander due to the entertainment value. As a hint the culture was fascinated with the human phallus. After touring the city we then climbed the very volcano that brought the end to the city. Here are a few photos of Pompeii and the view from Mt Vesuvius.

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