Saturday, June 28, 2014

Hello everyone my name is Tami Davis and I am a senior here at Columbia College. My major is in psychology and my goal is to pursue a PhD in clinical psychology upon the completion of my degree next spring.

I will be leaving the States this Tuesday for Oxford. I can't believe I have this opportunity and feel very grateful. I hope to obtain as much from this experience as I possibly can. One of the classes that I will be taking is a social research class that utilizes photography. I am from rural Missouri and in preparation for this class I decided to do a little social research in the county that I live in.

Morgan County has always been a very rural area. The only claim to fame that we have is the fact that some of the Lake of the Ozarks runs through it. The economic recession hit us fairly hard with several businesses closing. The mortgage meltdown also reach us. There are several areas in this county that have remain virtually untouched by modern life. Through this project I  was amazed at some of the communities that I encountered such as Ivy Bend. 


The above pictures were just taken just weeks ago and the two residences have occupants. Many do not have electricity or running water. Ivy Bend is in the most remote part of the county and while it does come to the water's edge it does not resemble typical lake living.
There are many unique people who chose to live in this area for various reasons. It is obviously not mainstream America.
The picture below are taken off of Cup Tree Drive. One local resident has a sense of humor regarding the road's name!

The shoe fence is located not far from the cup tree which drawls some traffic for those who wish to get a glimpse of rural life in America.
I hope to not only see the sights of the U.K. but to also broaden my ability to see beyond what is right in front of me and take a deeper look at what is there. From rural Missouri to Oxford, it is sure to be an interesting journey!

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