Saturday, June 14, 2014

T'was the Night Before...

Finally, after four hours of packing (and probably 3,000 calories consumed) I believe I am ready to go! A few friends stopped by to say their goodbyes and postpone my bed time (thank you Garrett and Tyler) but overall their visit was appreciated. I love them. I have been recieving texts and messages throughout the night of people saying they will miss me and wishing me luck on my travels. All of course were so appreciated, but at the same time makes me realize all the relationships I am leaving behind and all the conversations I am leaving unfinished. I know I will be able to stay in contact with everyone to some extent, but I can’t really expect anything at this point. I have been anticipating the next 48 hours of my life for months now and I can’t believe it’s finally here! All I have to do is get through these flights and my Scottish adventure begins.  Well, all I can say is I am looking forward to what life will be like abroad! Xoxo

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