Monday, June 16, 2014

My Day of Travels

Writing this from my current position sitting in the airport at my terminal? My gate? I am not quite sure… Though this whole flying thing seems much easier than I was expecting, I still, at times, wish I had done it before haha. But either way I am here and ready to go! And surprisingly I don’t think I am the most nervous one here. There is a lady sitting across from me trying to get back home and chowing down on a few donut holes- stress food I am assuming. I can’t really blame her though, I think if I nervous peed one more time I would pass out of dehydration. Anyways, I said goodbye to mom and dad which only cost me a few tears so I would say it went well. This is just so weird. I can’t believe this is happening. I am becoming more and more nervous by the second. My hands are shaking, all I want to do is double check all my paperwork, and even second guess whether or not Robert Gordon University was in Scotland or not. It is. That’s all I have for now. Time for a few deep breathing exercises. Maybe I will ask the lady across from me if she wants to join...Xoxo

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