Saturday, June 23, 2012

And that afternoon on Santorini...

Just a bit more, and then back to the boat, headed to Athens.

So, I had mostly split from everyone else, and spend the afternoon eating, going to the museum, shopping, eating more...Other folks probably had much more exciting adventures that day.

I wandered down the hill, surveying places to eat.  Almost went for the 'stand outside, gyros sliced off the block,' but wound up seated at an outside table, with a "chicken pie," a Greek salad (olives, peppers, tomatoes, that big wedge of white cheese on top), olive oil, a nice local white wine...

Then two blocks to the musuem, then time for more wine at a little deli-bar amidst all the souvenir shops.  This bar specialized in American decor--an old Uncle Sam poster, American whiskey posters, and so on.  Nice to just stop and watch people go by.

Then walking again, staring at all these souvenirs I didn't buy, though some would have been fun...

I liked the horses...

Here and there, turning a corner, and there's the Aegean down below...

the second, a view of the "new" volcanic island.  Still need to go walk around there.  One guide told us a guy had gotten tired of his wife, and all humanity, and now lives there by himself.  Hope he's a good fisherman.

Some more things to buy.  Really like these large glass artworks, but I suspect they wouldn't go easily in my suitcase.

Though I did buy a couple pillow covers, that the owner swore were hand-stitched, locally.  I tended to believe him, since a rather fierce woman was there, collecting a complete set of lace table settings, at prices that rather demanded they were authentic.

And I'd passed this doorway twice, before I decided it was a warm day, and yes, I needed a tavern with a rooftop volcano view.

There, they had nice tablecloths...

and better tablecloths...

Indeed, great tablecloths...

Meanwhile, a group of American boys come in, teenage, some school uniform.  "I'm not gonna eat any of that!"  "Ok, if I can split one..."  "I should have 110 Euros, but I lost 30..." 

And then my appetizer arrived, some island specialty of some smushed yellow peas.  Great stuff.

And soon, via the magic of text-messages, Ann and the others found me, and we went down to a place by the gondola, the "approved" way back to the Old Port.  This place was nice, too.


But soon, Aaron, from the other EF group, showed up, excited to ride the donkeys downhill--officially, "not encouraged," so I left my stuff with Ann and joined him on the ride down.

I did discover that the donkeys don't worry too much about scraping their passengers against the stone walls, but my donkey and I came to an agreement that when I made a LOUD scraping noise with the stirrup against stone, he would move over a bit.


later, bob

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