Sunday, June 17, 2012

One more dream accomplished!

I decided on our free day in Santorini, Greece to go on my own adventure.  I road the ferry boat in from our cruise ship and had to choose between the Gondola for 4 euros or ride the donkeys up for 5...... I chose the donkeys of course!! What is a trip to Santorini without riding the donkeys!!!

After I survived the the donkey ramming me into the side of the walls, other donkeys I found a place to sit and collect my thoughts...... Hmmmm I guess riding a donkey up a mountain in shorts was not the best choice!! Like my bruises?!?!

I found my own personal spot to take it all in!  This is what its all about!!!

The view from "My Spot" at Santorini!  Sitting here and taking it all in was the highlight of the trip!

My excursion for the day was hiking from Fira to Oia.  I took a trail along side the cliffs from one end to the other.  Along the way I stopped at a local grocery store for my lunch.  I grabbed some cheese, bagel crisps and an apple to enjoy on my trek.

I found many interesting and very pretty flowers along the way.  I found myself stopping every 30 minutes to capture their beauty!

There is my destination, the very tippy tip of the island.  I am only a little less than halfway there! :(

As I was getting closer to Oia I noticed stacks of rocks on a giant bolder!  It looks as though many hikers had left there mark along the way.

FINALLY!!! After 6 miles, 4 hours and plenty of stops to take pictures I made it!!! I made it to the very end of the island, mission accomplished!!

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  1. Zac Says:

    Great pictures! Sounds like you had one of the best tours of all.

    I rode the donkey, too, but I guess mine was less hostile. No immediate injuries. Might yet be some post-donkey stress setting in.

    later, bob

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