Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Goodbye, Kusadasi

Sadly, I didn't take a picture of the "don't drink the water" picture over the sink in our hotel in Kusadasi.  Ann and I did warn the group about my previous experience here several years ago.  Kusadasi is one of the only two places I've gotten sick traveling--I had gotten up in the night and had drunk a glass of tapwater.  By morning, I had a fever, don't remember if I could carry my own suitcase, and had trouble sitting upright in a car seat.  They should have stopped me at the airport in London, where I was miserable for 3 more days.  (No thought, of course, of going to a doctor.)  I still don't like London.

[To compare, the other time I got sick...we were coming back from a dawn trip to look to tree sloths, and were in a boat on the high Peruvian Amazon River, where it's still about a mile wide and full of deep channel fish bigger than I am, and well, wouldn't you know, some fresh water pink dolphins  (really--would I lie to you?) circled round us, and another guy and I decided we should jump in the River to swim with them.  The dolphins were curious, but not willing to play Flipper.  And the next day, I was ill, and kept that fire-slashing through my gut for several weeks.  No doctor, of course, health insurance not existing, so I believed that beer and massive meals of yoghurt would fix me.  I guess it did, unless we're still waiting for the Aliens to hatch...]

But our group apparently didn't drink the water, had a nice last night, and all got to the boat on their feet.

A last evening in Turkey...

later, bob
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