Saturday, June 2, 2012

Jet Lag is Setting in!

It seems like forever since we were in Turkey.  From Turkey we headed to Greece for four days and then headed back to the states!!  Flying back to the states was like being on a plane when they deploy the reverse thrust after landing!  Being in Turkey seemed normal but being tossed back in the states wore me out!  Let me walk you through some of the highlights of our trip! 

Before the trip the Hagia Sophia was at the top of my list on our itinerary.  There ended up being a few hiccups in our itinerary which meant the Hagia Sophia was no longer an option.  But thankfully after some finagling our awesome tour guide Sulyeman was able to get the Hagia Sophia back on the list!!

The Hagia Sophia was one of my favorite stops on our trip!  I wish we could have stayed all day so I could have explored every nook and cranny!  Walking in and seeing this piece of history was amazing in itself.  Nothing was untouched by beauty.  Words cant express the perfection of the intricate details in the pillars and archways!

Standing in the middle of the Hagia was almost overwhelming.  There was so much to look at, I could not choose what to look at first!  I think if given the chance I could have laid on the floor and stared up the ceiling for hours!!  The dome and the art on the walls were so beautiful.

One of our best hotels we stayed at was in Canakkale, Turkey.  When I walked out of the lobby into the garden area the smell of roses was so strong!  I do not think I was expecting such a beautiful place hidden away from the city.

The pathway and the rest of the garden was peppered with many shades of roses.

Another wonder of this hotel was the sunset!  We were nestled on the beach with a wonderful view of the sea.  We were able to sit on the back patio and enjoy a refreshing beverage and the sunset.

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