Monday, June 11, 2012

Patmos, 1

Our first stop, late on the same day we boarded, was at the isle of Patmos.  We had different tours, so other folks saw slightly different things than I did, and I hope they post some for us.  My tour, for instance, could see the Castle of Patmos up on the hill, but we didn't go there.  But to start.  Everyone assembled with their travel group in the Can-Can Lounge, and were taken off the boat according to which tour we were on.  Next step,

the ride over on the tender (small service boat),

the shore eagerly anticipated.

After milling around awhile, we all sorted out on our appropriate bus, then got to see this austere, beautiful place.

Note that this is an extremely dry place. 

Water is a main limitation for any long-term population.  All the houses in the old village have near-flat roofs with collection drains leading to household cisterns.

But ordinary life goes on...

(me in my Flat Branch shirt)

despite the view...

There are streets, and people do drive, but it tends to be a little tight.

Here's a view of a municipal building--here the Greek national flag, with its blue and white, which many islands worked into their architecture, during times when Greece was not independent.  The plant there--um, my notes fail me.  Something about put there for May day, or start of spring--for health, luck?

And here's what our guide told us was the secondary flag of Patmos, a double-headed eagle that was granted the isle from Byzantium, and never rescinded.  Really wanted a t-shirt with that on it, but no luck. 

later, bob

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