Monday, May 21, 2012

Beginning, 5-21-12

Greetings.  We have arrived in Istanbul, with that 5 hour layover in Detroit. The Detroit airport had a couple highlights, such as the pulse fountain and the even more intense pulse-tunnel light display that shifted colors and occasionally “rushed” down the tunnel, like some science fiction apocalypse or Thor hitting something really hard with his hammer (surely everyone has seen the Avengers by now, yes?)…and a narrow window in Paris…
 We’ve met the group from North Carolina and seem to be getting along fine. Few mishaps, though from the two groups the airlines lost 4 people’s luggage. Not a good record.

We’re staying at the Hamidiye Hotel, one more night. Nice enough—Katlyn expressed surprise it wasn’t decayed and crumbling. Pretty buffet food the first night…

Though it is more colorful than exotic, and was pretty much the same the second night. Our tour guide is Suleiman, which means Solomon. He seems nice, though we’re already challenging his plans. (More on that later.)

A few of us went out exploring last night, found out that clubs here are also expensive and loud, sampled the national drink, raki, and found a nice outdoor place to end the evening, along with our strong-man waiter.

later,  bob
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