Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Lunch, down by the harbor

Lunch, down by the harbor

A quick, set menu—fresh vegetable salad, some rolled cheese pastries, and the house specialty, a kind of sausage patty made of beef and lamb.

We found out it’s good to eat beside Sarah—I got an extra salad (and rice and baked tomato), and Steve a great deal of extra meat, and I think he had 5 baklava.

Pretty, filling, inoffensive, bland--ironically, spiceless...

Later, bob

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  1. Sara S. Says:

    Ok, so I don't eat tomatoes, olives, cucumbers, lamb, rice, peppers, or really anything. I did eat one of the cheese rolls but they had a funny taste. Now the baklava was good. Steve did not eat mine.

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