Sunday, May 27, 2012

     Today's blog is going to remain short for me due to the outrageous price of internet on this friggin boat. I went to Santorini today and \I was blown away. This is the birthplace of thinking as we know it. If there ever was a place to study magickal philosophy this is it. To think that Atlantis is buried somewhere beneath our feet is pretty wild. The vibe of this place is dense, Charles told me he had some weird dreams last night, I suggested that perhaps they were visions of Atlantis.Later on i'll probably meditate and try to invoke visions of my own. Santorini is absolutley breathtaking and I am so grateful to be here.
     What I am not grateful for are the manners of some of these young European kids, they seem to have none, I look into there eyes and there is nothingness.
     I want to thank Lee Stanton for sharing a beautiful prayer at the beach in Cannakle with me, it rained that night and I have a feeling |I know who sent the storm.

    -M. Calabrese
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