Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The excitement is building! We leave in 18 days, but who's counting? Not only am I excited for this trip, I'm also excited to be blogging. This is new to me, so please forgive me if I ramble. :)

There are many thoughts going through my head. Though I've traveled overseas before, Turkey and Greece are going to be completely new to me. I've been in mostly Christian countries before this, so going to a primarily Muslim country intrigues me and is a bit frightening. I don't want to offend anyone. I want to be respectful of their customs. I'm thinking of buying a headscarf while I'm there.

I want to try some of the local customs and be immersed in the culture. I'm trying to make arrangements to go to a Turkish Bath. I've done some research on them and they can be like our spas, where you get massaged and sit in a sauna or they do exactly what the name implies, they bathe you. I'm not sure how I feel about having someone else bathe me, but when in Rome, er, Turkey do as the Turks do, right?

This is a picture of the Turkish Bath from the website of our first hotel in Istanbul. http://www.hamidiyehotel.com/en/homepage.html
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